Repair Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you notice loose or cracked tile in the bathroom wall, must be corrected immediately. damaged tile can allow moisture to the air in the bathroom to get under the surface of tiles, smoothing the wall behind him and can cause mold and the tiles or more or loose. individual tiles can be extracted by digging grout around them and tapping them on the wall with a chisel.

Then restore and regrout same tile or, if it is beyond saving, replace it. Remove the grout around each damaged tile use of tile saw. Remove scraping blade back and forth over the grout, work your way lines.

Repair Bathroom Wall Tiles

Don’t scratch surrounding tiles. Set tip of sharp chisel against base of tile that needs to come out so chisel is sitting in opened grout line. Tap at chisel with hammer, moving it to different parts of tile to gradually loosen it.

Continue until tile pops out. Blow away dust and debris from opening. Repeat for each affected tile.

Spread thin-set mortar over back of replacement tile, making mortar about 1 or 8-inch thick. Press tile into opening, making sure to properly space it with surrounding tiles. Repeat for each new tile.

Note If old tiles were loose but not damaged, you can reset same tiles instead of installing different ones. Let mortar set overnight. Spread grout over new tiles, using grout float to press grout into lines between them.

Let grout sit for 10 minutes in lines, then wipe excess grout off tile face using dampened sponge.

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How to Repair Bathroom Wall Tiles

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