Repair Bathroom Sink Plug

If your bathroom sink is leaking, you do not have to call a plumber. repair will be easy, and takes less than an hour. Of course, if your drain uses removable plug, you can simply replace the cap.

For plugs connected to pull the bar in the back of the tap, however, they will spend some time under sink and sink cabinet clear and a good flashlight is achieved. only other thing you need to be channel lock pliers. Climb under the sink and a flashlight point in the drain pipe.

Repair Bathroom Sink Plug

You will see lever arm that sticks out and connects to pull rod on faucet by means of thin plate with several holes in it. Disconnect arm from pull-rod by squeezing metal clamp on arm and sliding it off, taking plate with it. Unscrew nut holding lever to tailpiece and remove it.

You can often do this by hand, but if not, use channel-locking pliers. When nut is removed, pull lever out of tailpiece. Have bucket handy in case water spills out of hole in tailpiece when you do this.

Pull stopper out of drain, and inspect washer. Replace it if it is worn. Replace entire stopper if plastic eye on other end, where lever fits, is broken.

Set stopper back in drain, and then go back under sink and push lever into tailpiece. Have helper rotate stopper until lever goes through hole on end and stopper raises and lowers when you move lever up and down. When lever and stopper are properly connected, screw on nut holding lever to tailpiece and tighten it by hand.

Push lever down so that stopper is fully open, then slide plate connected to pull rod onto lever arm. plate has many holes, so use one that best lines up. Finally, pinch clamp together and slide it onto arm to hold plate in place.

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How to Repair Bathroom Sink Plug

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