Repair and Replace Bathtub Drain Unit

bathtub drains are subject to leaks, especially if they are old. steel tubes were used for the tub drain and overflow oxidizes over time and may crack and leak. It can cost hundreds of dollars for professional install a new tub drain and overflow.

With moderate mechanical skills and proper preparation, however, a homeowner can do this job in a few hours. Buy bathtub drain PVC inexpensive and overflow kit in the store home improvement. Get under and behind the tub drain and overflow where they are.

Repair and Replace Bathtub Drain Unit

In home with basement, pipes can generally be accessed in ceiling of basement. If house has no basement or is on upper floor of home, portions of wall behind tub may need to be cut away to reach tub drain and overflow. Examine area to determine best method for individual tub.

Remove drain basket from inside of tub. This can be done with basket wrench specifically made for this or two screwdrivers crossed can be used to unscrew drain basket. In some cases, drain basket may need to be cut on one side to be removed.

hacksaw or reciprocating saw can be used to cut it. Remove old overflow drain cover and stopper assembly. overflow plate is usually fastened with two screws, and once plate is removed old stopper assembly will pull right out.

Clean area with chemical cleaner to remove hardwater deposits. Many people use product called Zap, which contains phosphoric acid. Assemble wastewater pipe to overflow pipe and set it in place to make sure everything lines up. Some length of pipe may need to be cut using hacksaw to make it line up to holes in tub.

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How to Repair and Replace Bathtub Drain Unit


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