Repaint Old Cast-Iron Bathtubs

outdated tubs were designed to luxuriating in hot water and have higher sides today bathtub, hot water use efficiency. Although they are more challenging to enter because of their long sides, old cast iron tubs that give character and touch of nostalgia to the bathroom. cast iron bathtubs are coated with enamel finish that can lose their glossy shine after years of grinding.

Paint cast iron bath is profitable to return the brightness of the tub approach, hiding fading or discoloration of the tub to match your decorating preferences. Remove the putty around the edge of the tub and at the base of the tub where it meets the floor. Use the razor blade or tool five-in-one to loosen putty, taking care not to cut or scratch the tub wall tile or floor.

Repaint Old Cast-Iron Bathtubs

Scrub tub with soap scum–removing bathroom cleaning product and rag or sponge. Rinse well and allow tub to dry. Run palm sander with sandpaper of about 80-grit over all tub’s surfaces.

Apply light and even pressure to roughen surface of tub for better adhesion of bonding agent. Pour bonding agent onto rag and wipe tub. Turn rag to collect any powdery substance left by sanding.

Cover all surfaces in bathroom except tub. Spray paint floats on air and can float down onto surfaces away from tub. Cover floor, windows, wall lights, walls, sink, toilet and tub fixtures, such as faucets, spigot and overflow and drain cover if they are not removed.

Newspapers, packing paper or old sheets can be used to cover large areas. Use painter’s tape to hold covers in place.

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How to Repaint Old Cast-Iron Bathtubs

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