Remove Yellow Stains in Bathtub

There is nothing as luxurious as soaking in the hot tub. However, a bath with yellow spots is the last place you would want to soak your stress. Often, tubs can become stained due to soap scum and mold and mildew buildup.

This is quite common in the wet zone. In addition, the metal razor blades and other products can leave stains on the surface of the tub. While cleaning these yellow spots requires little elbow grease, with right products and a little hard work can have your bath looking as good as new.

Remove Yellow Stains in Bathtub

Fill cleaning pail with 1 or 3 cup mild cleaning detergent or all purpose household cleaner and one gallon water. Rub cleaning solution into yellow stain using soft cloth. Rinse area well.

If stain is still apparent, create slightly abrasive cleaning product. Create cleaning paste by mixing together baking soda and small amount of water. Use soft cloth to apply paste to stained area.

Scrub with stiff bristled brush. In addition, consider using old toothbrush to reach difficult cracks and crevices. Use warm water to thoroughly rinse baking soda mixture from surface of tub.

If area is still stained, you will have to use stronger compound of tri-sodium phosphate TSP and water. Create another paste mixture with small amount of TSP and water. Apply in same manner as baking soda paste.

Rinse area thoroughly to remove all TSP residue.

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How to Remove Yellow Stains in Bathtub

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