Remove Wood Stain From Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is durable, easy to keep looking good, and holds its color well. It looks as good as new with thorough washing once a year. But sometimes stains discolor your vinyl siding and can be hard without harming them or discolor your siding to remove.

spot may be spilled or splashed on siding, and if you attached coloring deck or near a fence, wind and weather can stain spreading on your vinyl siding. Stain is to remove one of the toughest spots, but many products will take stains out of your vinyl siding, without harming them. Put on rubber gloves.

Remove Wood Stain From Vinyl Siding

Mix 3 or 4 cup of oxalic acid granules and 1 gallon of hot water. Apply mixture to stain and let it set for 5 minutes. Scrub wood stain from vinyl siding with soft sponge.

Soak stain with hot, soapy water to soften it. Scrub siding with SOS pad. Spray stain with product such as Krud Kutter original full strength, Lift Off Graffiti Remover, or Stripper.

Let it set for 10 seconds, then wipe it away. Apply cleaner containing pine oil such as Pine-Sol or Simple Green. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then scrub it off with soft bristled brush.

Use deck stain remover such as Olympic. Apply it to stain and wipe it off with soft rag.

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How to Remove Wood Stain From Vinyl Siding

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