Remove Walnut Stains From Concrete

If you have concrete terrace, shaded by walnut tree, you probably stains that plagued by sweet nuts that have fallen on them. Or maybe your concrete driveway lunch relaxing meeting place for squirrels, as they enjoy like walnuts. On arrival home, take mussels over concrete scattered left, black and purple to create eyesore. You could cut your walnut trees, or pick nuts of them before they fall on your concrete structures. /> Other
Remove Walnut Stains From Concrete

Cover stains with sprinkling of granular chlorine. Moisten it slightly with light misting of water. Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes.

Pour gallon of hot water into bucket. Add 1 or 3 cup of liquid dish detergent and 2 or 3 cup of borax. Stir solution well.

Scour stained areas well with liquid solution and stiff scrub brush for minute or two. Rinse very well. walnut stains should be completely gone now.

Allow concrete to dry out thoroughly in sun. Apply coat of concrete sealer to areas that are typically subject to being stained. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

This will make future stains easier to clean, or even prevent them completely.

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How to Remove Walnut Stains From Concrete

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