Remove Tippex Stains

Tipp-Ex correction fluid can be lifesaver when unwanted word remove. It also turns things with incredible ease. Unfortunately, the removal of correction fluid stains can be bit of trial.

Do not despair, you can match your clothes and carpeting save with just a few simple steps. Leave to dry Tipp-Ex. Try and scrape it off.

Remove Tippex Stains

Depending on how old stain is, and material it stained, this may get worst of it. Apply rubbing alcohol to stain and blot it out using paper towel or cloth. Do this on carpeting or laundry.

Test small section of material for colorfastness. Once stain has been removed, rinse with water. Use pre-treating fluid on stain and leave it to set.

Laundry detergent also works if that’s all you have on hand. Alternately, soak garment in bleach if its chlorine-safe. Wash pre-treated, stained fabric in washing machine, as you normally would.

Take garment to dry cleaner’s if all attempts to remove Tipp-Ex are unsuccessful.

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