Remove Stuck Bathroom Sink Flange

A bathroom sink flange stuck bath is a result of hardening plumber’s putty between the flange and the sink. flange is part of the sink drain basket. The installation of the sink basket consists of placing plumber’s putty under the flange to prevent leakage between the sink and the flange.

Over time, the putty hardens under the flange making the difficult move. Other times, the pasted edge does not stick at all. Some people mistakenly give the retaining nut under the sink.

Remove Stuck Bathroom Sink Flange

bathroom flange that is stuck will require some force to break putty seal. Look under sink to ensure that retaining nut is off sink drain basket. Remove securing nut from sink drain basket with pair of channel lock pliers.

If sink drain spins while you are removing nut, you will need to secure sink basket. Ask friend to hold handles of pair of pliers inside sink drain basket. This will keep sink drain basket still while you are removing retaining nut.

If necessary, spray some penetrating oil on threads and allow oil to sit for one hour. Go back after hour and remove nut from sink drain basket. Cut around perimeter of sink flange between flange and sink with utility knife, if sink flange is still stuck to sink.

This will score some of plumbers putty under flange. Go under sink and hold small board against bottom of sink drain basket. Tap board with hammer just enough to break seal of plumbers putty.

Ask your helper to slide putty knife between flange and sink while you tap on wood. Have your helper work putty knife around sink flange until flange releases from sink.

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How to Remove Stuck Bathroom Sink Flange

• need a flange tool for bath room sink stuck on

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