Remove Stains from Stone Tile

Stone tiles add beauty to your home, whether they are on the floor, countertop or bathroom. Stone tiles are natural surface and requires special care to prevent damage during regular cleaning and stain removal. Stains on the stone tiles can change the look of your tile with discoloration.

You can remove stains from the stone slabs as well as supplies from hardware store with housewares. Blot, using as much of stain on stone slabs up as possible, paper towels. to make all the ingredients to remove poultice stain from your stone tiles.

Remove Stains from Stone Tile

Begin by stacking two or three paper towels on top of one another. Fold paper towels so they will cover stain and surrounding area within 1 or 2 inch of stain. Use specific ingredients for next layer of your poultice, depending upon type of stain.

For oil-based stain, such as lotions, cooking oils or grease, pour baking soda on wet paper towel to thickness of 1 or 4 to 1 or 2 inch. Add little more water, if necessary, to create paste consistency of peanut butter. Use talcum powder poultice for food and beverage stains.

Sprinkle thick layer of talcum powder onto paper towels. Dampen talc with 12 percent hydrogen peroxide to form thick paste.

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How to Remove Stains from Stone Tile

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