Remove Stains From Linen Clothing

Woven from flax fiber, linen is often used in lightweight clothing durable fabric. While stronger than cotton, linen clothing is still prone to getting worn or damaged if not properly cared for. cause excessive washing can break linen fibers – removing stains should be carefully carried out of the linen items.

As with all materials, read the care label before stains to remove on your own. While many bedding machine or by hand can be washed, some chemical cleaning may require. Take these items to professionals.

Remove Stains From Linen Clothing

Use clean, lint-free cloth to carefully blot up any excess stain that hasn’t yet soaked into fabric. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing. Fill sink or large bucket or bowl with cold water.

Submerge stained item in water and allow it to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Remove item from cold water bath. Inspect stained area.

If stains are still visible, continue to next step. Pour liquid detergent directly on stains. Allow detergent to remain on stain for approximately 30 minutes.

Rinse away detergent in sink or bucket, using cool water. Inspect for remaining stains.

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How to Remove Stains From Linen Clothing

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