Remove Stains From Linen and Cotton Jacket

act quickly in the first place. more stain sits, it will be difficult to remove. Try to find out what is stains on the jacket.

If you are unable to find out, first begin with the most gentle treatment and the way to more aggressive treatments to work up. This method will help to protect your jacket from unnecessary contact with intensive stain removal steps. White clothes are much easier to treat than those who are stained, because you are afraid to not fading or bleeding. For all patches, fill tub or sink soak with cold water and jacket for at least 30 minutes.

Remove Stains From Linen and Cotton Jacket

For all stains, work small amount drop or two depending on size of stain of laundry detergent into stain. Rinse well with warm water. If stain is still visible, try stain-specific method.

For ink stains, place jacket front side down on absorbent towel and spray with hairspray from back. ink stain should bleed through jacket and onto towel. Thoroughly rinse hairspray out of jacket and launder as usual.

For coffee, juice or wine stains, apply lemon juice to stain, cover with salt and let dry in sun. This method works best on white or light colored jackets. If you are dealing with one of these drink stains and you have colored jacket, apply lemon juice and salt, and allow it to dry indoors. Launder as usual once stain is no longer visible.

This method also works well for yellow age stains that occur from jacket spending too much time on hanger in your closet. For grass stains, pour small amount of rubbing alcohol on cloth and blot at stain. Rinse well in warm water and launder as usual.

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How to Remove Stains From Linen and Cotton Jacket

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