Remove Stains From Antique Linens

Antique linens are beautiful and functional accent for your home. Vintage and antique tablecloths and napkins are quite affordable, but may well have to wash, embedded remove yellowing from age brown spots and general discolouration. You need to wash your antique linens, if you use them regularly.

Wash vintage linen and cotton textiles requires no special skills or supplies, but it is time consuming process requires patience and care. Mix a cup or Biz Oxyclean with a small amount of very hot water to remove stains from antique linens. Stir well to dissolve, then was too large amount of lukewarm water.

Remove Stains From Antique Linens

Allow to cool to lukewarm if necessary. Wet your antique linens with cold water to check for colorfastness of any embroidery. Be especially careful with colorful embroideries, however, same cleaning strategies can be used if dye does not bleed.

Carefully place your antique linens into prepared solution. Lower them into soaking tub gently and handle them with care, especially when wet, as old fabric can be fragile. Allow your antique linens to soak for several hours to whiten them and remove stains.

If necessary, soak for as much as two to three days to completely remove stains from antique linens. Change your soaking solution periodically if linens are heavily soiled. Lift piece out of tub, supporting fabric as much as possible.

Lay onto clean, white towel. Roll towel and blot away as much moisture as possible.

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How to Remove Stains From Antique Linens

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