Remove Solar Water Heater Panels From Roof

A house with solar panels installed on roof that power to water heater is more efficient than standard home power. Solar panels can save 50 to 75 percent on your monthly electricity bill. Over time, you may have to remove and replace solar panels on roof of his house.

In addition, you may choose to completely remove panels. removal process is relatively simple, but certain steps must be followed. Place ladder against side of his house in order to gain access to roof.

Remove Solar Water Heater Panels From Roof

Put on pair of sturdy gloves before touching or handling any of solar panels. Some solar panels have contents that are not safe for long-term exposure, so use caution during removal process. Determine which panels are damaged or not working.

Solar panels have life expectancy of 25 years, so check with company that manufactured panels to determine if they are under warranty. Purchase replacement panels, if necessary. Turn off pump that is connected to solar water heater panels.

Allow time for pipes to drain adequately before removing any panels. Deactivate pump so that it does not dry out and become damaged while solar panels are being removed or replaced. Determine what tools will be necessary in order to remove some or all of solar panels.

variety of mounting equipment could have been used, including screws, brackets or wing nuts. Save mounting equipment if new panels are going to be installed. Disconnect pipes at either end of solar panel.

Drain any excess water out of pipes and panel before removing panel from roof. Continue removal process until all of panels are removed or damaged ones are replaced.

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How to Remove Solar Water Heater Panels From Roof

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