Remove Soap Scum on Acrylic Tub

foam soap is soap oils and body, along with mineral deposits in the water. In short time, it accumulates on the surface of the tub as ugly chalky residue. soap scum can accumulate in any tub surface, including acrylic.

When cleaning this from acrylic, however, you must use cleaning products and cleaning products that do not damage the soft material. Wear rubber gloves cleaning or vinyl. Saturate a sponge with hot tap water bath.

Remove Soap Scum on Acrylic Tub

Pour 1 tsp. of dish detergent liquid on wet sponge. Scrub entire bathtub you may have to rinse out sponge and re-apply dish detergent . detergent will help loosen any oily residue in soap scum, and detergent may be only cleaner required in mildly soiled tubs.

Attack remaining soap scum with white vinegar, as recommended by JDS Bath Systems. Mix one part of white vinegar with one part of water in cup or bowl. Wet clean sponge in this mixture.

Rub sponge over soap scum. vinegar should start dissolving remaining scum almost immediately. Scrub it with sponge and re-apply more vinegar as necessary.

Rinse tub with clean damp sponge and then dry it with soft towel. If you clean your tub this way at least once week, you should be able to avoid heavy build-up of soap scum.

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How to Remove Soap Scum on Acrylic Tub

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