Remove Set-in Pet Stains From Carpet

Pet stains can cause odors and change the color of the carpet. It is important to clean pet stains immediately to protect carpet, such as set-in stains can be difficult to remove. However, there are instances when you will not be aware that your pet had an accident in less traveled area of ​​the house.

Nevertheless smell is sure giveaway. Cats have a strong smell, the unmistakable. You can effectively remove with special Carpet Cleaning formulas set in pet stains.

Remove Set-in Pet Stains From Carpet

Use spray carpet cleaner such as Urine Off or Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner. These products are available at veterinarians offices as well as local stores. There are similar cleaning products available, make sure you buy one with pet stain removal properties.

Determine size of stain. Saturate set-in pet stains with carpet cleaner. Spray four or five times to moisten carpet and to lift out deep pet stain.

Allow carpet cleaner to penetrate pet stain for about 10 minutes. Let product dry completely before continuing. Dampen sponge in warm water.

Press gently on pet stain to remove any remaining deposits of cleaner and stain. Avoid walking on spot until it has dried completely . You don’t want he moist spot to collect dirt from shoes.

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How to Remove Set-in Pet Stains From Carpet

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