Remove Rust Stains From Cotton

Rust forms on metal surfaces that have been wet for a long time. When brushing against rusty surface, while cotton wearing garment, the result will likely be angry orange and brown rust stain. While it that your clothes seem ruined cotton, you can simply and easy to remove rust stains from cotton clothing by using inexpensive supplies from home.

Put clean cloth on the work surface. Put your cotton dress on towel, rust stained area pointing upwards. Pour enough to cover saline on Rostfleck spot.

Remove Rust Stains From Cotton

Slice lemon into quarters, then squeeze juice from all four quarters onto salt-covered rust stain. Scrub mixture into rust stain using old toothbrush. Lay your rust-stained cotton clothing outdoors in direct sunlight.

Let lemon and salt mixture dry on cotton clothing as it sits in sun. This may take hour or two. Brush dried lemon and salt mixture off your garment.

Lay garment on towel and pour enzyme laundry detergent on rust stain. Rub detergent into fibers of fabric. Launder your garment, following directions on care label.

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How to Remove Rust Stains From Cotton

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