Remove Rust From Bathroom Sink

rust stains on the bathroom sink are caused by excessive amounts of minerals in the water supply. If you have rust stain ongoing issue regarding their tubs, showers and sinks, you may want to have water filtration system installed in your home to avoid this problem. The use of strong chemical cleaners such as bleach stains will really sink worst oxide, as well as causing damage to the environment.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to harsh chemicals available. basin bathroom clean thoroughly with vinegar and brush. This will provide a better foundation when it comes to remove rust sink.

Remove Rust From Bathroom Sink

Do not use bleach or other harsh chemical cleaners. Rub rust stain out with pumice stone and warm water. You will only need to apply small amount of pressure when using pumice stone to remove rust from porcelain surfaces.

Be sure to thoroughly wet pumice stone first to avoid scratching sink surface. Mix cream of tartar and water to make rust-removing paste, if you do not have pumice stone readily available. Apply past to rust-stained area of bathroom sink and let it set for few minutes.

Use scrub brush to remove rust stain. You may need to reapply paste several times in order to completely get rid of stain. Mix borax and lemon juice to make even stronger rust-removal paste and apply it to stained area.

Allow paste to dry before scrubbing and rinsing it away.

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How to Remove Rust From Bathroom Sink

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