Remove Rubber Stains

Black lines on the carpet, parquet or linoleum floors are often lead rubber patches. Rubber studs on soils of most furniture are likely culprit. These black spots appear permanently, but may in reality be quite easily removed.

If conventional purification methods such as soap and water have failed, use media-specific methods to lift floor cleaning directly to these rubber pads. Treat carpet with tea tree oil. Use cloth tea tree oil applied to rubber patch.

Remove Rubber Stains

stain is actually fragments of rubber that have stuck to carpet due to pressure. Loosen rubber by dabbing at it with tea tree oil coated rag. You should see rubber pill up and start to come away from carpet.

Blot up tea tree oil using clean, dry rag. Vacuum entire area. This will not only pull more oil out of carpet, it will also remove any bits of rubber that are lying on top of carpet.

If you have difficulty removing oil, you may need to use steam cleaner. Apply liberal amount of lemon oil to rubber stains on wood or linoleum surfaces. lemon oil will protect finish during scrubbing process.

Gently scrub rubber stain with steel wool. Do not use lot of pressure or you risk scratching your floor.

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How to Remove Rubber Stains

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