Remove Overflow on Bathtub

The overflow and the assembly is in most tubs directly under the tap. overflow tube allows water to flow out of the tub when it reaches a certain level, even if the drain is closed. This helps prevent the situation in which he falls asleep in the bathtub and running complete with bath full of water.

When it’s time to take your tub during remodeling comes, you must first remove the overflow of the tub. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove two screws that hold the overflow plate in place. This is, in most installations, just below the tub spout.

Remove Overflow on Bathtub

Carefully lift overflow plate out of overflow tube. Be careful because it is still connected by short link to tub stopper. Pull link and stopper out of overflow tube.

Open up access panel behind bathtub, directly on opposite side of wall from overflow face plate. If you don’t have access panel, you will have to cut one with jigsaw. It needs to be big enough for you to access entire length of overflow tube.

About 2 feet high by 2 feet wide is standard size. Remove overflow drain tube from drain pipe leading out from beneath bathtub. Turn tube counterclockwise with strong pair of pliers.

You can also use pipe wrench to help turn stubborn pipes.

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How to Remove Overflow on Bathtub

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