Remove Old Bathroom Tiles

The first step for any bathroom renovation is the removal of existing tiles and accessories. This means breaking apart and tile adhesive that binds its substrate. For antique tiles, you can also find this means eliminate as much as 1 to 2 inches of mortar under tile backer board behind walls.

While this can be a dirty job, big chunks of mortar is likely to come with tiles as the lever. Put on protection against sharp fragments of tiles and tiles to remove dust created. Configure place to put pieces of tile and mortar to avoid problems and keep the area clear for walking.

Remove Old Bathroom Tiles

Hit few tiles with hammer and chisel. Break tiles and mortar up into large pieces that you can lift out. Clear section straight down to substrate and large enough for you to get pry bar behind.

Insert edge of pry bar beneath mortar holding old tiles in place, not edge of tile. Use pry bar to exert pressure on mortar, pulling it and tile up in pieces. You will pull pieces of wall board away when you remove old wall tile, this is normal and you will replace wall board before installing new tile or plaster.

Use hammer and chisel to break free any tiles or mortar not coming loose for pry bar. Break apart any stubborn spots, and test surrounding areas with pry bar to determine where breaking can end. Frequently, breaking apart tile in one area will loosen surrounding tiles.

Use floor scraper to bring up last of adhesive, smoothing out subfloor. Angle scraper to get below last of adhesive and push it in short thrusts forward until you have removed it.

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How to Remove Old Bathroom Tiles

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