Remove Mildew Stains From Cotton

Mildew damage cotton fibers to leave in addition to the spot. characteristic gray and black spots coming to damp from the danger area. Curtains, stored in the basement and laundry items in Washer left all mildew prone growth.

Laundry products as soon as possible produces the best results. University of Illinois Stain Solutions Web site recommends working stain as soon as possible – before washing – and warns that if you dry and mildewed items wash, stain can not get out. Try basic mildew stain removal techniques mildewed restore cotton. Take outside mildewed cotton brush mildewed area with brush.

Remove Mildew Stains From Cotton

Brush briskly in each direction to help remove mildew from cotton fibers. Pour liquid soap directly on mildewed areas of cotton, and let item sit in sink or bathtub for half hour before laundering. Set washer at highest temperature possible.

Hot water works best for cleaning mildew stains. Add heavy-duty detergent. Add recommended amount of bleach for your washer and size of wash load, plus 1 or 4 cup more.

Do this only if mildewed cotton item will tolerate bleach. Add bleach to washer’s bleach receptacle, or add it as washer fills so bleach distributes evenly. Use washer’s pre-soak cycle, if available, otherwise, stop wash cycle, put mildewed cotton items in washer and leave them to soak for 15 minutes.

Start washer and run it on longest cycle, such as setting for heavily soiled garments.

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How to Remove Mildew Stains From Cotton

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