Remove Menstrual Stains

Menstrual bloodstain accidents occur at least once in life women, despite how careful you are. Leakage runs on panties and even pants or skirts. Menstrual blood stains do not differ from other bloodstains and are purified in the same manner. will not be able to permanently remove quicker you spot, be a better chance of stain.

Blot on all wet menstrual blood stains with a damp cloth or paper towels. If the stain has dried, brush off any dried material from material. Fill clean bucket with cold water and place items with menstrual blood in water.

Remove Menstrual Stains

Allow items to soak overnight. Do not use hot water as it can bake protein stains into fabric. Remove items from bucket and rinse in cool water.

If stain remains, spray with stain remover and allow to remain on stain for 30 minutes before washing. Wash items according to their care instructions with regular laundry detergent. Remove from wash and allow to dry in sun.

Placing items in dryer bakes in any stain residue that may remain. If stain is still apparent, spray once more with stain remover and allow it to sit overnight on stain and then launder normally.

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How to Remove Menstrual Stains

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