Remove Ink From Suede

Suede is expensive, luxurious fabrics that are many garments, footwear and accessories from. Many people like texture and feel of suede, which is why it is so popular with designers. Its popularity can be surpassed only by costs to clean it.

If you find yourself on the ink stain on the suede garment or furniture rigid, you can try to remove the ink, save yourself some money. If that does not work, contact a professional cleaner. Blot.

Remove Ink From Suede

Do not apply water to suede. As soon as you notice ink on your suede article, hopefully while it’s still wet, gently blot it dry with clean, dry cloth. If this does not completely remove ink, proceed to next step.

Use sandpaper. Gently rub small piece of sandpaper over ink stain in small, circular motions. If this does not remove ink, proceed to step three.

Use eraser. Take regular pencil eraser and gently rub eraser over ink. If this does not remove ink, try step four.

Use rubbing alcohol. With cotton swab and very small amount of rubbing alcohol, use circular motions to draw ink out of suede. Dry fabric with normal hair dryer.

If ink stain remains, consult professional suede cleaner. Use suede brush. If you were able to remove ink stain from suede, use suede brush to nap suede again.

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How to Remove Ink From Suede

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