Remove Grass Stains From Carpet

Ugly grass stains are on some carpet colors, and mock you everyday. Instead spot hidden with area rug or rearrange furniture, try stain removal and go back to enjoy your carpet. Persistence and determination are the key elements when it comes to removing grass stains.

time to remove stain lasts worthwhile effort even carpet on site is free. Vacuum stain with suction to remove as much loose dirt as possible. rotating brush is used during normal vacuuming, spot could penetrate deeper into carpet and should not be used.

Remove Grass Stains From Carpet

Dip portion of white towel into cold water. Wring out excess water so towel is damp and not dripping. white towel will allow you to see progress of stain removal by amount of green on towel.

Blot damp towel over stain. Do not rub towel into stain as this will push stain deeper into carpet fibers. Check towel for areas that have turned green from stain.

Dip clean portion of towel into ice cold water. Squeeze out water until towel is damp and continue to blot not rub grass stain. Remove stubborn stains with cleaner that lists pH of 7 on ingredients label.

Apply small amount of cleaner to dampen stain, blot with clean white towel. Continue using this method until stain is gone.

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How to Remove Grass Stains From Carpet

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