Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains

Fountain pen ink is easier to remove than other types of pen ink because it is water-based. You need to act quickly to get out spot, though, because wet ink is always easier than to remove the dry ink. You may have some methods try all the ink out, but stain removal is possible.

Lay clean white washcloth or towel on a flat surface. They can be also used paper towels or tissue. With another wet towel, paper towel or tissue, wipe gently to ink.

Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains

It you press hard, you will force ink into fibers. Light and gentle should be your motto. Soak stained section of fabric in cool water for five minutes.

Hot water would set stain, which you do not want to do. Blot again, as in step one, after you have soaked ink. If ink still remains, spray it with hairspray.

This helps release ink from fibers. If you don’t have hairspray, try some rubbing alcohol. Gently blot again, then rinse in cool water.

Repeat this process as necessary. Pre-treat area with laundry detergent and wash garment in cold water. Recheck area to see if any ink remains.

If it does, you may have to purchase commercial ink removing product from laundry section of your grocery store. Do not dry fabric until you have removed all ink or it will become permanent stain.

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How to Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains

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