Remove Existing Solar Panels

Removing existing solar panel requires certain amount of knowledge in order to fulfill tasks safely. Unlike almost all other equipment electrically connected to your home, solar panel draw no energy, but also generates energy. As a result, you have to be extra careful when dealing with solar panel, since it can also generate electricity when it is not connected to your home’s electrical system.

Turn inverter, power disconnect switch. Legally, this switch must be within sight of the electric meter at home, and is usually in addition to the solar inverter. Go to the roof and cover solar array blanket or dark-colored tarpaulin.

Remove Existing Solar Panels

If you’re not going to remove entire array, only section you’re working on needs to be covered. Unplug solar panels from one another. Do this by disconnecting MC cables, which lead from underside of each panel.

Each panel has two cables, positive and negative. Loosen bolts on hold-down clamps, which are usually located at four corners of each panel. Use ratchet wrench for this.

Only unbolt one panel at time. Pull clamps off. panel will no longer be attached to roof.

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How to Remove Existing Solar Panels

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