Remove Delta Bathroom Sink Pop Up Stopper

The bathroom of the sink stopper emerging brand Delta works with the lift rod behind faucet spout. When you pull the lift rod, the pivot rod allows plug under the sink down, when you press down on the lift rod, plug poses. lifting rod is connected to the pivot rod control popup stopper under the sink.

You will need to disconnect the link and pull the pivot rod to remove drain plug. Cupboard doors open sink and clear contents out of the way. Locate pivot rod and fork.

Remove Delta Bathroom Sink Pop Up Stopper

clevis is straight bar coming down from behind sink, connecting to stopper lift rod. pivot rod is horizontal rod that connects from sink drain to clevis. Find screw that secures clevis to stopper pull rod.

screw is thumbscrew. Loosen screw with your fingers and disconnect clevis from lift rod. Place pair of pliers around retaining nut that secures pivot rod to sink drain.

Turn retaining nut counterclockwise to loosen nut. Remove nut by hand and slowly pull end of pivot rod from sink drain. little ball toward end of pivot rod is what moves pop-up stopper up and down.

Go to top of sink and pull pop-up stopper out of drain.

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How to Remove Delta Bathroom Sink Pop Up Stopper

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