Remove Deck Stain From Concrete

The warmer months are generally best time to be reworking deck. Stain is popular choice in finish and by painting it is easily applied on spraying or with color. drips like siding with masking tape and plastic to tape out areas to avoid and overspray is important.

cover sheets should be used based on deck. Fleck, dripped or sprayed on concrete requires quick, determined distance. longer it is allowed to sit on the concrete surface and to heal, will be more difficult removal.

Remove Deck Stain From Concrete

Mix 4 cups of powdered oxygen cleaner with 5 gallons of water in 5-gallon bucket. Scrub all areas of concrete that need deck stain removed with scrub brush. Most water based stains will come off with repeated scrubbing.

Rinse with water hose. Pour small amount of mineral spirits over oil based deck stain. Scrub concrete surface with wire brush and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Pour another layer of mineral spirits and scrub concrete again. Rinse with water hose and let area dry. Inspect concrete for any remaining stain.

Apply mineral spirits again and allow it soak for 20 minutes. Scrub with wire brush until stain is gone. Rinse with hose.

Scrub area with oxygen bleach and water. Rinse well with clear water from water hose.

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How to Remove Deck Stain From Concrete

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