Remove Copper Stains From Porcelain

Copper stains appear as green or blue stains on porcelain. These spots are often found on porcelain sinks, bathroom tile, shower areas and in toilet bowls. Copper stains caused by mixing water with copper, which is typically found in pipelines.

If you regularly clean your bathroom, chances are you have not to do with too many hard copper stains. These stains can be removed with the proper cleaning solution. Open the window in the room where you work or connect and power portable fan.

Remove Copper Stains From Porcelain

This will allow air to circulate when you work with ammonia. Mix solution of 1 cup baking soda and 5 cups water in bucket. Stir solution well using wooden stick.

Dip scrub brush into solution and shake off excess liquid. Scrub area of copper stain on porcelain. Frequently dip scrub brush into solution as you scrub.

Rinse baking soda solution off porcelain. Apply ammonia to porcelain if stain still remains. Pour ammonia over scrub brush and rub brush hard over remaining stain.

Pour water over porcelain to rinse away ammonia.

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How to Remove Copper Stains From Porcelain

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