Remove Color Bleeding Stains in Clothes

The dye transfer when one color to another is bleeding during the wash cycle, often occurs when red sock or other brightly colored items accidentally ends in load of whites on. As a result, you end up often with new pink lingerie. While you might be tempted to throw your hands, and resign themselves pink whites, the number of solutions out there to fix these common laundry problem.

Armed with patience and a little knowledge, you can bleed color stains to remove. , Unaffected remove Separate clothes and those of fringing and identify culprit responsible for the dye transfer problem and they remove. Load stained clothes back into washing machine and fill it with cold water.

Remove Color Bleeding Stains in Clothes

Turn on machine and agitate clothing for several minutes. Add 8 oz. of chlorine bleach to washing tank for white clothes or 8 oz. of color-safe bleach for colored ones. Agitate clothing for five minutes and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.

Wash clothing as normal but check to ensure color bleeding problem has been resolved before placing clothes in dryer. Use special dye remover to help eliminate any staining that persists. Try RIT Dye Fixative or Synthrapol detergent, products designed to help with color-bleeding stains by binding with loose dyes and eliminating them from your clothing. Remove color bleeding without using harsh chemicals by filling bucket with hot water and green tea.

Soak garment in this mixture for 15 minutes, and then take garment out of water. Sprinkle table salt on dye transfer stain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Launder as usual, checking to ensure stain is gone before drying clothing.

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How to Remove Color Bleeding Stains in Clothes

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