Remove Black Olive Tree Stains

Black olive trees are some of the oldest trees on earth. According to archaeologists at Tel Aviv University, produced olive trees fruit in the world. They are some of the most stable trees – almost immune to insects, drought and severe flooding.

It is no wonder that black olive trees also produce some of the most stubborn stains. most effective way to remove stains is through the removal process for centuries with white vinegar and salt, used to use both in the Mediterranean countries, where growing black olives and following were harvested. Fill bucket with warm water.

Remove Black Olive Tree Stains

Soak item there for up to 5 minutes, but do not let water cool. While it soaks, make cleaning paste. Mix 3 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar with 3 tablespoons of salt.

Wring clothing item or pat out majority of moisture with towel. Lay on flat surface. Place spoonful of vinegar and salt paste on stain.

Let it sit for up to 5 minutes. Put 1 tablespoon of warm water on paste. Gently brush with plastic cleaning brush.

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How to Remove Black Olive Tree Stains

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