Remove Bingo Dauber Stains on Carpets

Bingo daubers are not just found in bingo halls. They are actually becoming very popular crafts and popular with children. It is not uncommon to have carpet glitch when uncapped dauber lands on the ground, leaving behind bright ink stain.

As with most stains on the carpet, it is important to work quickly and visit as soon as possible to recognize an opportunity to permanent damage to reduce. Place towel next spot to soak excess cleanser and to help keep spot in an area included. easily with washcloth to remove Dab range excess ink, then pour small amounts of alcohol rub to cover the entire spot.

Remove Bingo Dauber Stains on Carpets

Use wash cloth to continue to dab stain, allowing alcohol to thoroughly saturate area. This will help bring ink to surface and keep it from setting, especially if ink is oil-based. As opposed to water-based inks, oil is more resistant to removal.

Rinse stain with cold water and add 1 tbsp. of baking soda to be rubbed in with wash cloth. light abrasion helps to remove ink or at least lighten it. Rinse stain again with cold water to help remove baking soda.

Add 1 tsp. of dish soap to stain and, using wash cloth, scrub stain in small, circular motions. This will help lighten stain and remove remaining ink. Dish soap is choice detergent because of its ability to break down oil, which is foundation for most permanent inks.

Rinse stain with cold water again. Add 1 tsp. of upholstery cleaner, and rub stain with scrub brush using circular motions, working from outside to center. Rinse brush periodically to remove excess ink, which might be rising to surface.

Rinse stain completely with cold water.

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How to Remove Bingo Dauber Stains on Carpets

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