Remove Bathtub Stopper

According to Lowe, there are five basic types of bathtub drains foot lock, roller ball, lift and turn, pop-up and plunger. Identify which type you have is the first step to remove the plug in the bathtub. Do not worry, this article will cover all five types of drains.

If the bathtub has no trigger lever is either rolling ball, blocking foot or bathtub drain lift and rotate. If your cap is soft handle out in the center, is blocking drainage feet. If you have to handle in the center and you have to push down and pull up, drain is rolling ball.

Remove Bathtub Stopper

Twist-and-turn drains look similar to roller-ball drains, but they require you to twist stopper in different directions to open or close it. If your tub has trip lever that allows you to raise or lower stopper from overflow plate, it uses either pop-up or plunger drain. Pop-ups have visible stopper, plunger drains do not.

With stopper in up position, grasp body of stopper and turn counterclockwise. This can work with foot-lock and roller-ball plugs if they don’t have set screw. If this does not work, move on to Step 2.

With stopper still in up position, lift stopper up. Turn it until you see small screw. This is set screw.

Use screwdriver to loosen set screw. You usually do not need to remove screw, just loosen it. Lift stopper.

If it does not lift off, twist it counterclockwise until it does. Place trip lever so that stopper is open.

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How to Remove Bathtub Stopper

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