Remove Bathtub Spouts

In most applications, bath spout not only the water in the tub channels but also diverts water to the shower head in diverter door at the top of the spout. When the door is open, the water exits the faucet spout when it is on. When the door is closed, the water out of the shower.

more common to remove the tub spout reason it is to repair or replace the defective door diverter. However, even if the trap door is functioning properly, eventually finishing spout can become corroded to the point where you can no longer clean. Whether spout is being removed due to defective door diverter spout or to replace with a new one, the first step is to eliminate existing peak.

Remove Bathtub Spouts

Thankfully, bathtub’s spout is typically one of only two designs, and removal of either design is fairly simple. Examine underside of bathtub’s spout to determine spout’s design. If there is access slot or cutout within body of spout where spout meets wall, this indicates that spout slides onto copper water supply pipe and is held in place with setscrew.

If there is no such slot, spout simply screws onto threads located on end water supply line. If bathtub spout attaches to copper water supply line with setscrew, insert appropriate sized Allen wrench through access slot, then remove setscrew by turning it counterclockwise. Once setscrew has been removed, simply pull spout away from wall to remove it.

If bathtub spout does not have access slot, it attaches to threaded end of water supply pipe. To unscrew spout, inert heavy-duty flathead screwdriver into spout’s opening, then use screwdriver to twist spout in counterclockwise direction. As alternative, pipe wrench or pair of channel-lock pliers can be used to grip exterior of spout.

If spout will be reused, wrap jaws of either wrench or pliers with masking tape to prevent scratching spout’s finish.

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