Remove Bathroom Walls

Remodeling your bathroom can increase the value of your home and make living in it more comfortable. Removing the bathroom wall can be part of the project, just make sure it is not load-bearing wall or the outer wall of the bearing. Removing load bearing wall needs to be done by professional.

Removal of the bathroom wall non-load bearing is an easy project to do in an afternoon. Talking with a professional before demolish the wall of your bathroom to make sure they are not charging stand or wall bracket. If you remove the load bearing wall of his house could collapse.

Remove Bathroom Walls

You can also examine original blueprints of house. Determine which wall you want to remove in your bathroom. Estimate where electrical outlets, ductwork and plumbing are within wall.

When you tear down wall there could be hidden electrical and plumbing, so be careful during demolition. Turn off electricity to bathroom so if you come into contact with any electrical wiring, there won’t be any electrical shocks. Turn water off to any of plumbing that may be in wall.

Duct tape plastic sheeting behind wall you will be removing. Cover entryway to room with plastic sheeting as well. This will seal off rest of house from dust and debris that will float in air with demolition.

Cover floors with drop cloths. Put on protective eyewear, gloves, steel-toed shoes, hard hat and face mask. Remove electrical outlet covers.

Double check to make sure electricity is turned off by testing light or electrical outlet. Use crowbar to remove baseboards and molding from around floor or ceiling. Use utility knife to slice through paint and drywall tape at top of wall that meets with ceiling.

Breaking through this will ensure you don’t rip into ceiling during demolition.

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How to Remove Bathroom Walls

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