Remove Bathroom Wall Paneling

Removing bathroom wall panels can be easy or difficult. Much depends on the type of adhesive used in wood siding and how well it is still attached to the wall – if you’re lucky, it will be little loose already. tools you’ll need are readily available, but this project can get a little messy and can last several hours, especially if your bathroom is large or is stuck very safe panels.

drop cloth on the floor to catch the debris site. Wear safety glasses, leather work gloves and dust mask. Start with the molding if the coating has this.

Remove Bathroom Wall Paneling

These are strips of plastic or wood at edges and corners of paneling. Press your chisel along edge of molding–hit your chisel once with mallet or hammer to try to loosen molding. Grasp loosened edge of molding and pull–sometimes it will come off this way.

If not, chisel it away from paneling and wall until all of molding is removed. Place your chisel at edge of panel, where it meets wall. Tap chisel with hammer or mallet until chisel blade slides under paneling.

Now move chisel around to loosen paneling edge. Push end of crow bar beneath loosened edge. Use leverage to further pull up paneling–be careful not to gouge wall surface underneath.

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How to Remove Bathroom Wall Paneling

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