Remove Bathroom Sink

You can learn how to easily remove your countertop or bathroom wall mounted basin and save money to spend on a plumber. Create new image of the brand in your bathroom by eliminating outdated sink. Shut off the main water supply valve.

tap test to confirm it is turned off. Place bucket under the trap. Loosen the nuts surrounding trap and remove excess water can drain into the bucket.

Remove Bathroom Sink

Take out water supply to faucet. Confirm that all plumbing is disconnected from sink. Place rag in main drain to block any gases.

Look for clips under bathroom sink. Loosen them completely. If you are unable to take them out easily, then break them off.

Cut seal with utility knife that is between counter and rim of sink. Or, if sink and countertop are one piece, cut seal along vanity. To remove it, use small pry bar.

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How to Remove Bathroom Sink

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