Remove Bathroom Sink Plumbing

Removing plumbing the bathroom sink is an easy project with the right tools. There is nothing difficult about this job and there is no need to call a plumber. tools to be used are basic hand tools.

You will learn how to remove the necessary parts if you are planning to replace the accessories, all the sink, or just need to make repairs. Make sure the water is turned off. Under your sink two water valves.

Remove Bathroom Sink Plumbing

These valves need to be turned all way to right, or clockwise, as far as they will go. Turn on both hot and cold water handles to be sure that water is off and that there is no pressure in lines. After you are sure that water is off, you will remove water lines.

Remove water lines from valves, use 1 or 2 inch open ended wrench on nut that is connected to water valve and water line. Follow line up to where it is attached underneath sink to hot and cold water handles. You will use 3 or 8 open ended wrench to loosen nut.

Once nut is loosened enough you can finish it rest of way by hand. Pull with slight pressure on both ends to completely remove lines. Having full set of wrenches will help in event that sizes listed do not fit.

Disconnect trap from water drain pipe underneath sink. Place monkey wrench around nut and tighten it. After wrench is tightened, turn it clockwise, or to right, until it loosens enough to finish by hand.

nut does not come off, it allows drain pipe to be pulled out if you are replacing sink. If you are not replacing sink or do not need to replace trap, there will be no need to loosen this nut. Look underneath sink where, attached to drain pipe, there is stopper lever.

Unscrew nut attached to pipe and pull lever out. There is also bracket that is slid on to back of lever and held in place by clip. Pinch clip with your fingers and slide it off lever.

After you have removed clip, slide bracket off of back of stopper lever. This will allow you to replace stopper. Lie on your back inside cabinet directly underneath sink.

Looking straight up, you will see where water handles were connected to water lines. There is nut that has to be removed so that handles and faucet will come out. Use your pliers or, as in this photo, your 1 or 2 inch wrench to loosen nut.

Once it is loose enough you can finish by hand. You must completely remove nut. After nut is removed, there is washer that will come off with it.

This will allow you to remove entire faucet. Replace all that is necessary for your job and you are done.

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How to Remove Bathroom Sink Plumbing

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