Remove Bathroom Sink Drain Plug

The drain plug at the bottom of the bathroom sink can trap water in the sink. This is useful when you want to wash your face or have some delicate clothes you need for hand washing. sink stopper is operated by the rod drain faucet.

Pull the lever pin up decreases and water traps, while pushing the lever causes the opposite. If you are installing new pipes in your sink, you must first remove the drain plug bathroom sink. Close the water supply.

Remove Bathroom Sink Drain Plug

This is usually located on wall beneath sink. Rotate knob clockwise to shut off water. This will help prevent leaks if someone accidentally turns on water while you are working.

Press drain plug lever to lowest position. plug lever is usually on faucet. When properly depressed, drain will raise to open position.

Position yourself beneath sink. Look for drain plug coupling on straight piece of plumbing called tailpiece connected to underside of drain. You will see straight rod for drain lever mechanism running into coupling.

Unscrew coupling with your hands, or use pair of pliers if coupling is stubborn. Reach up into sink and grab drain plug. If this is large sink, have assistant grab plug for you.

Remove coupling from tailpiece by pulling it outward. You will see ball joint for drain plug just inside tailpiece. Pull this out, too.

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How to Remove Bathroom Sink Drain Plug

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