Remove Bathroom Pedestal Sink

When you start bathroom remodeling project, it may be necessary to remove pedestal sink. Removing pedestal sink is not very different from the elimination of any other bathroom sink, however, the nature of space saving pedestal sink creates two unique considerations to take into account. There are different types of pedestal sinks, but removing a job is pretty standard.

Shut off water to sink. In some cases, you can simply close the control knob water in each water Food for the pool. If you do not have control buttons on the water in the sink, go where the water supply enters the house and turn off the water for the whole house.

Remove Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Disconnect water feed pipes that bring water from wall to faucet. You can disconnect these pipes at both ends and remove them completely. Remove faucet knobs from faucet controls and then lift faucet fixture out of sink.

Disconnect p-trap from wall. This may be standard p-trap pipe or, as is case with many pedestal sinks, it may be special connection built into pedestal. Use plumber’s wrench to disconnect p-trap, if necessary.

Analyze how pedestal sink is attached to wall. Remove any hardware that may be stabilizing sink to wall. Not every pedestal sink is secured to wall with extra hardware, but to avoid damage to your wall, remove hardware if it exists.

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How to Remove Bathroom Pedestal Sink

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