Remove Bathroom Odors

It’s annoying to get into your bathroom and have assaulted the nose by the offensive odor smell from the bathroom. Some of the causes of smell is often overlooked, such as clogged drains, mold and mildew, poorly sealed toilet, or just plain dirty bathroom. Here are some suggestions and tips that will have your room bright and pleasant smelling bathroom.

JAMMED drains. One of the most overlooked sources of odors from the bathroom drains are clogged. bathroom plumbing occasionally it becomes clogged with all the hair, dirt, soap and other dirt going down them.

Remove Bathroom Odors

good preventive tip is to pour cup of baking soda down your drains followed by cup of white vinegar every three or four weeks what about hour and then turn your tap on and run some hot water through drain. Use your plunger to unclog drain if your drain water is receding slowly from your sink. If water is still very slow to drain, you may need strong chemical drain openers.

If your drain is clear but emits odor, pour either bleach or white vinegar down drain. Clean away mold and mildew. Another stinky problem that sometimes gets overlooked may come from mold, mildew and dirt.

Use all-purpose cleaner, with no ammonia, to use on most bathroom surfaces is gallon of warm water with half cup of bleach mixed into it. This has ad advantage of disinfecting as it cleans. With this mixture clean bathroom ceiling, walls, floor, tiles, toilet, sink, and bathtub.

To make mildew and mold dissolving spray mix one part bleach and five parts water. Use spray to on grout and repeat until mold and mildew disappear. Check your caulking.

It might not be obvious but cracks and crevices left by damaged caulk can be causing odor. Around tub and sink water can get in spaces and stagnant. Around base of toilet damaged seal can allow septic tank odors to seep through.

Check around base of toilet, tub, and sink for signs of missing or loose caulk. Simply clean out old caulk and replace it with new caulk. Clean thoroughly.

After checking removing clogs, eliminating mold and mildew, and checking caulk seals, this is next step. Clean all surfaces with cleanser and bleach.

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How to Remove Bathroom Odors

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