Remove Algae From Air Conditioner

air conditioning units, which are found in homes both old and new, may seem like equipment maintenance. This way of thinking wrong can cause damage to home that simple maintenance procedures could have been avoided. air conditioners create condensation generally passes through drain pipe leading out.

Due to constant moisture from condensation, algae can form blockages in drain pipe of air conditioner, blocking it. This causes water to back up and overflow into house, resulting in water damage to walls, furniture and floors. Fortunately, algae problems are quick solution with appropriate tools.

Remove Algae From Air Conditioner

Locate outside drain line near air-conditioner unit. Remove paper filter from wet/dry vacuum cleaner, as algae may ruin it. filter is typically located in top of device, just below hose connection.

Read manual for your vacuum model if you are unsure how to open vacuum housing. Place vacuum cleaner directly beside drain line. Plug vacuum cleaner into electrical outlet, using heavy-duty extension cord if necessary.

Hold vacuum cleaner hose against opening of drain line. Wrap towel tightly around connecting point to create seal. Turn on vacuum.

Let it run for five seconds to suck out algae.

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How to Remove Algae From Air Conditioner

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