Remodel Cabin Bathroom

When holiday weekend or longer in your cabin, you want to enjoy relaxing bubble bath in the newly remodeled bathroom. Taking bubble bath in the bathroom of decay that needs reform can not relax you. Remodeling your bathroom not only gives new look, but also increases the value of your cabin.

You need basic carpentry skills to remodel your bathroom cabinet. Allow the weekend to complete the remodeling of the bathroom. Painting the ceiling in your bathroom with cabin ceiling paint, brush and paint roller.

Remodel Cabin Bathroom

Consider painting ceiling white or light tan, as these colors work well for cabin bathroom as they match bathroom decor colors. Attach extension on handle of paint roller to prevent you from having to stand on ladder or stool to paint ceiling. Paint walls in your cabin bathroom with interior paint, your paintbrush and paint roller.

When selecting paint color, select color found in nature. This allows you draw from natural beauty surrounding your cabin and bring color indoors. Apply window film to bathroom windows in your cabin.

Window film allows natural sunlight to radiate throughout room, yet prevents people outside from seeing inside bathroom. Measure window with your tape measure, cut film to size and secure it to window water. Gently press all air bubbles out of film.

Turn off power to bathroom at cabin’s main power source. Remove your current light fixture according to manufacturer’s directions. Typically, unscrew light fixture base and untwist color-coded wires.

Install new light fixture in bathroom according to manufacturer’s directions. Usually, you connect color-coded wires and secure them with wire nuts provided with light fixture kit. Secure light fixture to ceiling with screws provided and your screwdriver.

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