Remodel Bathroom Shower Walls

Update shower walls gives new look bathroom without complete renovation. There are several options for new shower walls, so take a little time to make your decision before you buy. design and style of your bathroom are great influence on the ideal wall covering for your specific situation shower.

Because of their tendency to accumulate soap scum and mold growth, ease of cleaning and maintenance is another consideration when selecting shower walls. Determine the reason for updating the shower wall. The most common reasons include damage to walls, shower walls obsolete, difficulty in cleaning surface, or bathroom remodeling in general.

Remodel Bathroom Shower Walls

Knowing reason for changing your shower walls helps select new material. Assess your current bathroom shower walls. Note features you like about covering as well as things you dislike.

Consider durability, look, and ease of cleaning. Measure length of height of current shower wall covering with tape measure to determine size of new shower wall covering you need. Choose new shower wall covering.

Common options include tile and fabricated shower surrounds. shower surrounds often include features such as built-in soap holders and washcloth bars. Purchase shower wall covering in desired color and design.

Take your measurements with you to ensure you purchase correct size of surround or right number of tiles and grout.

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How to Remodel Bathroom Shower Walls

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