Remodel and Move Bathroom

When the economy falters, the owners tend to invest in their homes. Contractors are busy with remodeling, as homeowners seek to increase the value of your home, install environmentally friendly accessories and appliances and create more pleasant atmosphere, especially in the bathroom. If the owner wants to move bathroom, it makes sense to do so during remodeling to reduce inconvenience of having unusable or semi-usable bathroom.

Plan bathroom remodeling movement and work carefully to allow a smooth transition. Measure the area planned for the bathroom remodeling. Make sure there is enough space for accessories and the desired accessories.

Remodel and Move Bathroom

At minimum, bathroom should have space for sink, toilet and bathtub. Small bathtubs can fit into small space, giving room for child’s bath or standing space during shower. Alternatively, if new bathroom will occupy large area and budget allows, large bathtubs, jacuzzis, sauna stalls and many other extras can fit into remodeled bathroom.

Purchase all materials and fixtures. Plan where each fixture will sit, and carefully measure spacing. Purchase bathroom fixtures and accessories by shopping at online bathroom supply site or at home center.

Install plumbing lines for outgoing and incoming water. Carefully measure plumbing lines to make sure that they line up with bathroom fixtures planned settings. Bring bathtub into new bathroom area to save any future difficulties of maneuvering bathtub into remodeled bathroom.

Bringing bathtub through bathroom doorway can be difficult, so do this before building bathroom walls. Frame bathroom’s interior walls and ceiling. Purchase framing wood through lumberyard.

Place insulation between exterior bathroom wall and wood frame, as well as between roof and ceiling’s wood frame. Insulating properly saves money, creates comfortable and warm bathroom and allows for sound construction.

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How to Remodel and Move Bathroom

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