Remagnetize Credit Card

Indeed, the title of this article is a bit misleading – there is no real way to remagnetize credit card. There are, however, ways to get your work card, even when the strip has demagnetization. This is convenient temporary solution until you receive your new card must first consider how your credit card became disabled in the first place so you can avoid next time.

Credit cards are demagnetized to be near magnets of any kind. They may also lose their ability to be read after prolonged use or improper care. When storing your cards in the robust portfolio, so that the strips of each card does not face each other, you can prevent your cards become demagnetized.

Remagnetize Credit Card

If you need to use your card at store before your new one comes in, there are ways to do so. First, you can put plastic shopping bag over entire card. When it comes time to swipe, you will need to swipe card with bag on.

This increases static electricity between bag and scanner, increasing chances of it being read. You can also amplify scanner’s ability to read weak signal by licking strip of your card. If you are not comfortable with that, simply rub liquid across strip before swiping.

When all else fails, majority of credit cards can be punched in manually. If scanner is not reading card, cashier should be willing to punch in numbers. Signatures are confirmed visually, so this has no effect on security.

Don’t forget option of online shopping. Since you don’t need to swipe anything when using computer, you can shop at your leisure without having to worry about swiping your card.

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