Reglaze Bathroom Tile

Having dirty tiles or antique look in your bathroom can be instant turnoff. People can take a look at tiling, walls and think of all bathroom is disgusting. This may or may not be true, but it is not difficult to get your bathroom tiles like new again.

Many times, cleaning tiles will still leave her with a dirty appearance. Maybe you have bad color you want to delete. No matter what your reasons for wanting to bring back that feeling back to your bathroom, tiles reglazing help you reach your goal.

Reglaze Bathroom Tile

Clean entire surface with normal tile cleaner. This is just to remove as much of initial dirt as possible. Remove silicone caulking around tile with silicone digester.

Get rid of as much of it as possible because any remaining caulk could ruin end result. Etch entire tile area, if you have porcelain tiles, with acid paste. This will rid tile of any remaining debris and also prepare tile to accept glaze.

Be careful when working with this acid. Move slowly and wear gloves through entire process. Clean floor with degreaser.

This will give floor one final cleaning to get rid of any small particles. Allow floor to dry completely. Mask off entire bathroom.

Cover all areas on which you do not want to get primer or glaze. This is especially true when you are using spray-on primer. Cover any large areas with newspaper or plastic and then tape that down if needed.

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How to Reglaze Bathroom Tile

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