Refinish Fiberglass Bath Tub

It is often found in apartments and mobile homes, fiberglass bathtubs are relatively inexpensive compared with cast iron porcelain bathtubs. While many accept the appearance of the factory fiberglass bathtub, others prefer to improve look through refinishing. Before taking on this project, learn why fiberglass is unsuitable for new finishes.

The fiberglass is a good choice for baths, as it is waterproof. Slick ,, building materials proof water nonporous lack the capacity to absorb new finishes. Scrape the tub before applying a new finish, or accession will be impossible.

Refinish Fiberglass Bath Tub

Wash your bathtub with powerful cleanser, as soapy film will prevent new finishes from adhering. Rinse tub with wet rags. Let bathtub dry for approximately 3 hours.

Scour fiberglass with, this will roughen surface to accept primer. Cover drain and areas of floor and wall next to tub with tape. Cover your bathroom floor with canvas drop cloths.

Coat fiberglass bathtub with primer, using mini-roller. Start with lower horizontal portion of reservoir and work your way up to vertical areas of tub. Repeatedly move roller over wet primer until it looks smooth.

Immediately use polyester brush to apply primer to tub’s upper lip. Wash brush and mini-roller in sink.

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How to Refinish Fiberglass Bath Tub

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