Refinish Bathtubs Yourself

Bathtubs take a lot of wear and tear. Fortunately, they are resilient and are held for many years. Over time, however, the surface may have scratches of cleaners and use that affect the appearance.

You can hire a professional to repair bath, or refinishing kits bathtub allow it-yourself makeover to give the tub. bathtub resurfacing requires patience, but the end result is well worth it. Clean all surfaces of the tub with sponge and dust cleaning kit refinishing the bathtub.

Refinish Bathtubs Yourself

Remove all of soap scum, lime and rust buildup so refinishing materials adhere to tub. Remove any caulk that surrounds tub as well. Rinse tub well with clean water.

Unscrew water spout into bathtub. Remove faucets with screwdriver. Put hardware in safe place.

If you can access underneath tub, also remove drain plug. Dampen bathtub with warm water and scrub it with 120-grit sandpaper. Sand hard enough to remove shine.

If you prefer, use palm sander to help. Rinse area well. Blot up water with paper towels.

Allow bathtub to dry. Mix epoxy filler, spread it on large cracks or dents in bathtub with putty knife and allow it to dry. Slide plastic bag over water inlet where spout was.

Tape it in place with masking tape. Repeat this process for shower head. This keeps water from accidentally dripping on surface as you refinish it.

Tape masking tape around edges of bathtub as well as faucets, overflows and drains.

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How to Refinish Bathtubs Yourself

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